Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...on celebrating my 23rd birthday

cant believe it!
i'm 23rd now???what an old age. i really think that i'm still young..haha...whatever it is, it is a good sign too, because i'm going to graduate soon! hahahahh...
well...thanx to all my friends coz they were the one who brilliantly planned all these things and made the party..
actually, at first anim haz unai n sue planned to make a doa selamat and baca yassin...but then, out of a sudden..they turn the lights off and brought a cake. it was really fantastic as i didnt aspect that they would do that...(as we are in the middle of pokai...because maktab saja masukkan elaun lambat2)...HUU.....
the celebration was for celebrating huda and my birthday:)
hee,...the chocolate indulgence!!!!!!!!!!

my friends!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

on I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muahahhaha....wah...its been a looooooooong time i did not pst new blog..

hahha....what to do.....

i'm a busy woman...(eceh)


now i'm on semester break..

hmm... i think for 5

let me recap what i did during my silent period....

first...on the day of hari usual.

we celebrated raya cooking a LOT of food including the ketupat, kari ayam sambal goreng and lots more ( i cant remember) hahhahah


a lot more to tell...but i really need to go....hahhaha be continued.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008


wow..what a grand title huh....

well...we were assigned to 'create' a thing @ object that can be sold or marketing internationally...


we (my group members and i) had choosen to create a perfume that made by clove a.k.a "cengkih"

after a few research had been done...we collect as much info and try to do the experiment on making the perfume..thank god my sister is a science officer..she knows a lot of science 'things'. briefed me about doing the experiment and i tried it at hostel....can u imagine it????doing experiment (sistem penurasan) yang ada bakar2 tu....

my housemates saw me like a drug addict when i was burning the clove..huhhh....and i smelt "clove" all day long... WORKS!!!! taadaaaa....

~beautiful bottle of ChəŋkeliciOUS~............and the "process" of making ChəŋkeliciOUS ~

and here is the promotion board..... anyone who wants to buy ChəŋkeliciOUS, feel free to contact me....haha~~

~ChəŋkeliciOUS ----Piquant Spice!~

~at home~

well....first of all...i would like to announce:-
haha.this blog is no longerfor the"creative writing" subject!!!!haha i can corrupt it!!!haha....
ok...back to the topic....i spent a night at Keramat u know y??coz i am bored eating the same things, same meal everyday, that tasteless and expensive!!!
can u imagine..a kuih that usually 20sen, is sold at 40sen now?thus, the size has become smaller...huhhhh..
so...i decided to back home and feel free to eat everything that i mum is a good cook... i can eat these....


cheese cake

and.....MANY more....hahah beloved sis n niece were at home too!!!so, the whole day main dgn alia @ alisha je la..hahhahah

can wait next week....ika pulak balik....haha..lots of gossip to be shared!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What??? Another semester is starting soon!! Oh no, 7th July 2008 is the scariest date, where everything will be gone; my holidays, my sweet time with my niece and my mum’s cooking! However, I needed to get back to Shah Alam 2 weeks earlier than the actual date. This was because I need to handle the new INTEC students, who were supposedly, register at Cemara / Akasia college on the 29th July 2008. Before we were given the full mandate @ power to handle and control the students, we need to attend a camp. There, we were trained and given good input. The main idea of the camping was to let the “pembantu mahasiswa” get closed to each other and had the experience in creating good activities. When we came back from the camping, we were offered a trip to Cameron Highlands, fully sponsored by INTEC. After tiring weeks that we had gone through, we deserve something precious for ourselves. The trip was some sort of their token of appreciation to us. We went there for two days and we really had good time over there. We arrived at Shah Alam at 9.00pm on Sunday! We really tired and exhausting. However, we still need to go to the class the next day. We were still in holiday mood when attended the first class. The lecturers were so cool and rocks! They completely understand us and we spent the time by knowing each other better. From the observation that I made, almost all of us were not mentally ready for the new semester.
Here's a little something that i'd like to share:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

HELLO ALL!!!!!!!!!

hello and assalamualaikum to all....
i'm Siti Zuhaili binti Abd Samah....

~to be continued~