Thursday, June 18, 2009

~on activities during semester break....~

salam and hye...
huuuhhh(sigh) after being pushed by my sisters to UPDATE my blog, i decided to update it for the last time (i think) before i go back to klantan. and here is the topic for this entry....
hehhe...hope u all like it..(coz i dun know what else to talk about...)haha..
ok, 2 semesters ago, i was able to experience taking care of my niece and my sis (during her pantang period, as my mum didnt manage to get her leave), so during this time, i learned a LOT about the pantang people..muahaha...what they eat, what they cant eat, and how to solve probs that the baby faced. for example, alia selalu sgt tersedu, so the org2 tua said letak daun or paper kat dahi..
and ini la jadinya..hahahha
then past sem break, i accidentally found a lot of kain perca from my mum's collection. so i secretly took them and make a selimut (it was like a patch work la..) and i made 2 selimuts..hehe..tadaa....(cun x?)

ok...and lastly, semester break yang baru2 my mum is already retired (can be considered dah retired lah), so i took the advantage to learn how to sew a baju kurung. kah kah...(ketinggalan zaman ni) and here are some pics that i took sepanjang process membuat baju...

heee....ini particiannya after jahit tepi:)
half way done
ni adalah jahit tulang belut di leher...comel kan..mmg complicated..
(warisan johor turun temurun:)