Sunday, May 31, 2009

~..on handset yang bengong~

salam n hye...
huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh......sooo sad, pasipa tah my handset lately asik bengong je..rosak ka?macam xda tanda2 rosak..masuk virus ka??xtau la..ponat den tgk...xketemui juga the main reason why dia rosak..

(ni la rupe hp yang telah menyusahkan sy..huhuh...sapa2 yang leh share info..tell me ya..)

hadui....kalau beli, bole la g kedai, still ada warranty..xsampai 1 year lagi...xpa la..dapat adiah pun kire bersyukur budget xpyah pi beli hp..
dah tu...nak repair, g kedai pun depa cam xpenah dgaq ja model
so moral of d story....xpayah la pakai handset..pakai lah 33sekupang ja...senang cite..
(nampaknya i have to participate in another contest...kalau ada rezeki,dapat sebijik hp lagi)....

ha..inilah handset 33sekupang....tahan lasak...

~.....on riding 'thomas'~

this is what danial calls Thomas..
hahahha.....macm cite kanak2 "Thomas n Friends"...danial loves to ride Thomas..sampaikan habih syiling dispent on naik thomas...hahahaha

alia langsung xconcerntrate

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~...on easy n unique diapers~

salam n hye to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahah...last weekend, my sis (who is currently staying in perak,teluk intan) came by and she brought few pieces of diapers that my nephew use. and to my surprise, the diapers are unique and in my opinion, they are completely cute,wonderful, and budget saving...ops...not to forget, they are totally environment friendly..coz u can wash them after being used...

these are my models for these diapers....haha...if u can see clearly...(of coz u cant, coz the pic is quite blur...huhuh..amik pakai handset free je...)they are wearing the diapers!!!...happily....hahha

so these are the diapers that i mentioned...nanti i'll do direct selling la kat sekolah....cikgu2 mesti berminat nih....

the diapers come in variety of colours.....sampaikan bila my nephew wants to wear the diapers, he will request his ibu to pick his fav colour..haha..

hm...for the newborns, the diapers can be adjusted!!...u just have to clip the diapers according to ur baby's size..

they come with the cotton (i dun know what is the name)..haha

the cotton must be put inside the diapers...

and...tight it up...

the brand...bum genius

crazy momy

so...for those are interested...can call me or contact me ...hahha...but i have yet to become the dealer....hahhaha...tapi dun day i'll be the dealer...and use the diapers for my kids...hahha

Monday, May 18, 2009

~...on UPIN n IPIN version danial"

salam n hye to all..
Upin? Ipin?
yeah..the malaysian famous cartoon or also known as "kembar botak" by danial.
TADAAAA....introducing Upin....
and his twin brother, Ipin...

although upin n ipin is just an animation characters, we also have our own Upin n Ipin..
during my study leave, i went back home. seems danial had asked me few time about my turtles, so brought my turtles back home..haha..coz i dun want to listen to danial's question,"de, turtle de mana?" repeated over n over again..
then, when danial arrived, i showed him the turtles, but then he said "eh, macam kembar botak kan? cume ni kembar turtle je..."
so from that time onwards, we called them Upin n Ipin..
so these are my turtles...(xda sapa berani pegang...pasai besaq sangat n turtle ni slalu aja lapaq)...
ni Upin...agak ganas...suka meronta2 kalau org pegang..

and this one is Ipin...dia agak baik...n danial loves to hold it...muahaha...
BUT never let him put the turtle back inside the aquarium by himself..(coz he'll trow the turtle!!!)
both Upin n Ipin are happily swimming in their tiny cute aquarium.......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~...on mother's day celebration~

salam and hye everyone!!!!
well, as we all know that last sunday we celebrated mother's i would like to SUMMARIZE the celebration that we had..coz my sisters (kakni n ika) had already posted this topic in their blog..hahaha..the story would be the same..
so i'll make it short....
we bought a cake for mum and jusco gave a flower..(for free)..ahhaha


forgot to mention about this..
one serious big yougest sis,ika cooked for lunch that day..she cooked fried mee...(it was her first attempt)haha
and wallaaaa........

the mee was so good!!!everone was surprised that she can cook!!hahahahahahhahah..jgn mara dik...
bole kawen dah ika..
opsss..jgn langkah bendul..xelok...

Friday, May 8, 2009

~...on dinner cohort 3~

salam all..
before the sem break, we had a little grand dinner party at INTEKMA resort together wif IPGaya students..
well, it is like a farewell party for us.. coz students from IPGaya will go back to sabah n continue wif their practical there, as for us, we need to go back to kb....huhu...sedey gak...coz terpaksa berpisah after 2years blaja sama2 kat uitm..
these are some pics.....pic speaks more than a word rite...?


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~...on 'praktikum' next sem~

as we all know, i'm going to school for practical next sem.. i reaady?..erm...its hard to tell..haha..
well, few minutes before the final exam started,(on mon, 20th april), my coordinator met us (cohort 3) and she distributed this!!!


hadui..i better get prepared!!!!!